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Homicide of Carolyn Majane

  1. Case Description
    The Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office and the Moorestown Township Police Department have been involved in a joint investigation surrounding the death of Carolyn Majane. The Victim left her Moorestown residence on August 22, 1975 to socialize with friends. She later decided to attend a party a short distance away, but failed to attend the event. The Victim was last seen alive at approximately 10:15PM on the above date. On December 20, 1985, skeletal remains were discovered within a construction site in neighboring Mount Laurel Township. The remains were subsequently identified as those of Carolyn Majane.

    This investigation is on-going. Anyone with information concerning the death of Carolyn Majane is asked to contact the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office – Major Crimes Unit at 609/265-5035, the Moorestown Township Police Department at 856/235-1405 or submit information through this website.
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