How do I adopt an animal?
After you have found an animal you’re interested in, either by visiting the shelter or through the website, you should then come into the shelter and meet them. You can bring family members at that time or they can come back at a later date to meet the animal. When you come to the shelter, one of our animal attendants will take the animal out for you. After spending time with and deciding you like the animal, you would go to the office and fill out an application.

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1. Can the shelter have animals available for adoption at Farm Fairs, Pet Expos and other events?
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3. How do I adopt an animal?
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6. Why do you spay / neuter all the adopted animals?
7. Why doesn't the shelter approve or disapprove of an applicant "one time" for current and future adoptions?
8. Is there a 3 application policy and why does the shelter take 3 applications?
9. What happens when my application is not picked?
10. Why not take the first qualified applicant as soon as possible?