How can structuring payment through an installment purchase agreement benefit me?
One benefit to you from the county’s use of installment purchase agreements (IPAs) is that the interest paid to you over the life of the IPA is not, under current law, subject to federal or New Jersey state income taxation.

The pretax nature of the IPA investment and the tax-free nature of the interest payments could ultimately yield a higher after-tax return to the seller than an investment with a higher interest rate without these tax advantages. If the sale qualifies for installment sale tax treatment, the interest payments you receive are based on pretax principal dollars.

Section 453 of the Internal Revenue Code provides that capital gain from an installment sale may, under the installment method, be deferred until receipt of the purchase price. If you are interested in investigating installment reporting of gain from your sale of the easement, you should consult with an attorney and an accountant who are experienced with installment real estate sales transactions and knowledgeable about the specific federal laws and regulations that apply to this payment method for the sale of your easement.

Since individual circumstances vary, the county is not in a position to guarantee that the IRS would approve this method of reporting gain from sale of any particular seller’s easement.

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