How does the sale of my easement change with an installment purchase agreement?
As in a cash transaction, once the county and the owner are ready to conclude the sale, the owner signs and gives a deed of easement to the county. By this deed, the owner agrees to use or maintain the property for agricultural purposes. If the county has agreed to pay a portion of the purchase price at closing, a check is given to the owner or applied to claims against the property, such as mortgages. The balance of the purchase price, along with interest on the principal, is paid to the owner through the installment purchase agreement (IPA) issued at closing.

The IPA provides for the payment of interest on a semi-annual basis (2 times per year) until the date specified in the IPA for the payment of the balance of the purchase price. The interest and principal are paid by a “paying agent”, ordinarily a bank, on behalf of the county.

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