Single Stream for Homes without Carts

Places that will not receive carts are for the reasons noted below:

  • Fieldsboro and Shamong chose not to participate in the cart program.
  • Bordentown City; sections of Roebling in Florence and sections of Burlington City will not receive carts:
  1. Long stretches row homes, little off street parking and the historic character of these neighborhoods make carts an unwanted nuisance.
  2. Residents have no easy way to store their carts in the rear of their properties, forcing residents to drag their carts through their homes to reach the curb.
  3. Storing carts on small front porches or sidewalks is unsightly and would detract from the historic appearance of the neighborhood.
  4. Locations with high density "on street" parking make it almost impossible for the automated arm trucks to safely access the carts.
  • Townhome communities, such as Rittenhouse Park in Willingboro, with "head on" parking and no garages will not receive carts, for many of the reasons noted above.

If you don't have a cart, you can still recycle "single stream"

Now that single stream collection has started you can:

  • Continue to recycle as you always have, or
  • Put paper and cardboard into your existing recycling bucket with bottles and cans.

If you need an extra bucket, your municipality should have repurposed buckets available.