Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is available for all county employees. Your pay can be split among different accounts or even different financial institutions. Signing up is easy. Just complete the application in full and provide either a voided (we will return) or photocopy of your check or some type of bank document with your account number on it. Don't forget to provide the routing number. It appears on your check on the bottom left hand corner or you can contact your bank. Once your paperwork is received and entered in the system, you will receive a verification form that you must check for accuracy and then return to us. Once this verification is received, the process takes approximately 2 pay cycles, the first payday our bank will initiate the pre-notification process in which the routing and account numbers only are sent to the bank/s. If all the numbers are correct, the direct deposit would start the next pay.

If you are going to close your account, please advise payroll immediately. The direct deposit file is sent electronically as of the close of business on Monday prior to payday. Once the file has been transmitted, it will be too late to stop it. Changes can be made as often as needed.