Superintendent of Schools


The Burlington County Superintendent of Schools Office serves as a field office of the Department of Education. It gives assistance to parents and school districts on school related issues.

The office provides services to local school districts in the areas of:

  • Budgeting / Finance
  • Building Programs
  • Self-improvement Studies
  • Special Needs
  • Teacher Certification
  • Transportation

The county office is also responsible for the periodic evaluation of school districts for certification.

Areas of Expertise

The county office provides school districts technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Administrative and liaison services for mandated programs
  • Comprehensive planning for improving students outcomes
  • Program and fiscal accountability through implementation of a monitoring system
  • Program development and implementation
  • Responsible fiscal practices
  • Safe and efficient transportation
  • Safe instructional facilities
  • Special Education
  • Teacher certification

Information and applications relative to the Teacher Certification Application Process are provided to Burlington County residents.

Further information regarding statewide law and code, New Jersey Department of Education press releases, assessment, education programs, etc., may be found by visiting the State Department of Education website.