Juror Information

The Jury Management Office handles the random selection and summoning of Burlington County citizens for petit, grand and state grand juries. The names of potential jurors are obtained from merged lists of registered voters, licensed drivers, homestead rebate applicants and New Jersey income tax records.

Petit Jurors

Petit Jurors are on call for two days or, if selected, for the length of the trial. Grand Jurors serve one day a week (either Tuesday or Thursday) for 16 weeks. State Grand Jurors report to Trenton and serve one day a week for 20 weeks.

Jury Excuses

Excuses from jury service are granted only in cases of severe hardship and with supporting documentation. The jury office also grants postponements when necessary. Upon serving, jurors are exempted from serving again for a period of 3 years.

-Gina F. Whittaker, Jury Manager