The large 200-foot by 400-foot field of solar panels next to the county’s engineering complex was completed last year and is generating serious energy savings.

This array generates 70% of the electrical power required not only by the engineer’s office, but also the nearby traffic maintenance building and radio tower.

“This isn’t the county’s first venture with solar power, but it is clearly the largest,” said Freeholder Joe Donnelly. “We saved about $35,000 last year alone.”

The entire $1.8 million construction cost was funded through a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The balance of the funds is being used for other energy savings initiatives identified in a county-wide energy master plan.

More Solar Panels
The county recently added solar panels to the roof of the vehicle storage facility in Westampton as part of the county-wide energy plan. The costs were also funded through the grant.

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