Maintaining Agricultural Base


Burlington County has the largest agricultural acreage base of any county in New Jersey. At the same time, the county has a large suburban population of over 400,000 people making pressures on farmers to convert farmland use. Staying competitive in a developing area is difficult for farmers.


  • Farmers will improve marketing skills and be made aware of new technologies to improve efficiency of their farms.
  • Farmers will be aware of the need for record keeping, worker training, and farm safety as being essential for survival and business development.
  • Farmers and suburban residents will strengthen the understanding of their interface and foster cooperation and mutual respect on common interests.

Action Plan

  • Teach farmers concepts of production based on consumer demand and preference rather than on tradition.
  • Conduct direct marketing seminars.
  • Prepare and distribute newsletters and bulletins on farm labor regulations and environmental issues.
  • Form a farm-suburban council that will share thoughts and ideas on dealing with land-use conflicts.