Interactive Maps (GIS)

Welcome to Burlington County’s GIS Page

GIS is Geographic Information Systems

It is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on the Earth's surface. GIS can show many different kinds of data on one map, as you will see in the maps below.

Our Office of GIS has been busy working with maps of Burlington County to provide the community with important information such as, parks and recreation area, flood plains, County Roads and Bridges, and much more.

We will be adding more to this section of the county website so keep checking back for updates!

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Healthy Eating

Active Living

County Parks & Trails (currently offline)

County Fairgrounds/Farm Fair (currently offline)

Medication disposal and sharps (needle) disposal locations

Know Your County

Property Viewer Web Map (currently offline)

Property Viewer Mapping Application (recommended version) (currently offline)

5 foot contours (currently offline)

Biking in Burlington County (currently offline)

County Roads and Bridges (currently offline)

2016 FEMA Preliminary Floodplain (FIRM) Mapping App (currently offline)

(Map viewer version for mobile devices) (currently offline)

2016 FEMA Preliminary Floodplain (FIRM) Side by Side Comparison App (currently offline)

Fishing Spots in Burlington County (Free fishing days on June 8th and October 19th!) (currently offline)

Historical USGS Topographical Map (1881-1924) of Burlington County

National Night Out Events in Burlington County

Tree Replanting (currently offline) (approximately 6000 trees and shrubs mapped at various open space areas)