Persons At-Risk Registry

The Burlington County Sheriff's Office has joined with the County Office on Aging and the Burlington County Police Chief's Association to form TRIAD, which coordinates crime prevention and other services for senior citizens. As part of this initiative, we are instituting a persons at risk registry which will become a tool for law enforcement officers to identify persons with Alzheimer's, mental disabilities, or other conditions that may cause them to wander from their home and be unable to return safely to their home.

How it Works

Through this program, individuals who wish to use this free service would provide a passport quality photograph and pertinent information on the individual who is at-risk. In the event this person is either found or reported missing, this information will be used by law enforcement personnel to identify and return the person quickly and safely to their home. This information will be available to local, county, and state police departments 24 hours a day in the event an identity of a person is needed.

Confidentiality of Information

All information supplied through the Persons At-Risk Registry will be kept strictly confidential and not be used for any other purpose. The information will only be available to law enforcement personnel in the course of identifying an individual who is at risk.

Qualified Individuals

  • Individuals who experience the following problems, would qualify to be added to the registry.
  • Suffer from any condition that impairs their memory
  • Become disoriented or confused easily
  • New to the area and / or have any communication barriers, that would make it difficult for them to find help
  • Have wandered and become lost previously and unable to safely return home

How to Enroll

The above conditions are not the sole criteria for inclusion in the registry. If you are unsure if the person you care for meets the criteria or have any other questions you can email the Sheriff's Office Community Outreach Unit at or call 609-265-3788. 

Attached is the registration packet that can be printed out and sent in either by mail, email or fax to our office Registration Packet (PDF)

Spread the Word

We are asking, Health Care Providers and Care Givers for help in making this free program available to any At- Risk person that will benefit from it. If someone suffers from any of the health problems listed above, they may be at-risk. If you would like a registration packet or have more questions concerning this free program, please call our Community Outreach Unit at 609-265-3788.