Juvenile Detention Center

Welcome to the webpage of the Burlington County Juvenile Detention Center. As the Superintendent of this facility I wish to share with you an overview of our services and mission. The BCJDC has the obligation to provide a wide range of services; Education, Medical, Recreation, Religious (Non-Denominational) and Social Services. My staff works very hard to keep each juvenile connected to Family or Guardian through visitation or telephone contact several times weekly. We regularly liaison with the court and service providers in an effort to secure the best placement for each juvenile. The BCJDC’s overall mission is to provide a safe/secure environment that will allow juveniles to reflect on their behavior and recognize the need to change that behavior.

Lynn M. Arnieri


The Burlington County Juvenile Detention Center is in full compliance with the requirements, guidelines, and philosophy of the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Our Department strictly enforces a “Zero-Tolerance Policy” toward sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and/ or sexual intimidation of any kind, whether it is verbal or physical.

For further information, please contact the BCJDC PREA Coordinator Joseph Ivanisik 609-726-7210 or Superintendent Lynn M. Arnieri 609-726-7150.