Economic Development Committee

To support the economic development work of Burlington County through strengthening job opportunities and providing complimentary education and training support, with the ultimate goal of providing new and expanding employers with a well-trained workforce.

The Economic Development Committee meets on the fourth (or last) Tuesday every month.

One-Stop Committee

To oversee the management, development and continuous improvement of the Burlington County Job Center System, ensuring the policies of the Burlington County Workforce Investment Board relating to the Job Center are implemented.

The One-Stop Committee meets on the third Friday every other month.

Workfirst Operations Committee

Brings together all community entities who serve those customers receiving public assistance to develop and implement effective programs to reduce the public assistance rolls and increase employment opportunities for those most in need.

The Workfirst Operations Committee meets on the third Wednesday, every other month.

Disability Issues Committee

Addresses the issues that are of interest, and those that are a concern to people with various forms of disabilities. The committee works to increase the overall inclusion and equal access into everyday life for a person with a disability.

The Disability Issues Committee meets on the third Tuesday every other month.

Youth Investment Council

To create a unified youth service delivery system allowing eligible youth to receive the services they need to become prepared for both academic and employment success.

The Youth Council meets on the third Tuesday every other month.

Literacy Committee

Form collaborative relationships with local literacy providers and employers to promote the importance of life-long learning for all customers, as well as develop the necessary strategies to combat literacy problems in Burlington County.

The Literacy Committee meets on the second Tuesday every other month.

Business Solutions Committee

To build strategic partnerships with business throughout the community, with the understanding that employers want a qualified and well-trained workforce to sustain growth and competitiveness. The Business Solutions Committee is ultimately responsible for business development initiatives.

The Committee meets on the first Thursday every other month.