Burlington County makes every effort to take advantage of grant opportunities made available through the Federal and/or State government agencies. Grants are used to enhance various programs operating throughout the County.

Grants currently at work for Burlington County include assisting Homeland Security, the Sheriff’s office Traffic Safety issues, Department of Health, Department of Behavioral and Youth Services , the Jail and Juvenile Detention Center, various programs within the Prosecutors office, Cultural & Heritage, and the Burlink Bus Service.

Grant funding is the lion share of the Aging program in the County. Aging encompasses several programs including Meals on Wheels, State weekend meals, Homemaker Health Aids and Safe House.

Community Development uses grant funding to assist in providing decent housing, a suitable living environment and opportunities to expand economic opportunities principally for low and moderate income people. HOME funds help create and sustain low income housing through a variety of local housing related projects. Both of these programs fall under the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Agency at the Federal Level.

Workforce Investment Board is supported by State grant funding for all of its current programs.

The State has provided Sandy Grant funds currently being administered by County Health, Department of Behavioral and Youth Services, Engineering and Aging, to assist families impacted by the Storm.

The use of Grant funds requires adherence to prescribed rules and regulations set forth by the granting agency. Finance is involved with overseeing the grants to ensure proper use within the applicable guidelines.