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Environmental and Consumer Health

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Environmental Health is the status of our physical surroundings, including the air we breathe, the land we use,
and the water we drink. The Environmental Health Section protects us from contamination of our food and water,
ensures safety where we live, work and play and obtains “Right to Know” data about the potential harm of products
used in the communityand work place. Inspection, investigation, environmental response and enforcement of
environmental health regulationsare key to safeguarding the public’s health. For more information call

Raw Milk Press Release

New Fees for Retail Food, Body Art, and Bathing Places

Fact Sheet for Residents and Local Governments in the Event of a Delay in Refuse Collection

Consumer Health Program
Retail Food Program
  Food Inspection Results
Food Safety Information

Campground/Youth Camp Program
   NJ Youth Camp Standards

Public Recreational Bathing Program
Body Art Program (Tattoos/Piercings)
Kennel, Pet Shops, Pounds & Shelter Program
  Application for Kennel, Pet Shop, Shelter
  Vet Requirements
  Vet Supervision Form

Rabies Control Program
  Rabies Clinics
Public Health Nuisance Program
Smoke Free Air Act
Institutional Inspections

Environmental Health Programs


Septic and Sewage Information - FORMS:


Safe Drinking Water

  * Wells and the Private Well Testing Act
Air Pollution

Noise Complaints

Solid Waste
Burlington County Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat) Program
Subdivision Review


Lead Program

The Burlington County Health Department Lead Inspectors/Risk Assessors conduct childhood lead poisoning investigations alongside public health nurses to determine contributing factors to the lead poisoning in children ages 0-72 months within and around residential properties. If you are concerned over your child's exposure to lead, contact your local pediatrician and have him or her tested.

Healthy Homes Training "CONTAMINANTS"

Healthy Homes Training "PESTS AND PESTICIDES"

Healthy Homes Training "HOME SAFETY"

Healthy Homes Training "MOLD AND MILDEW"

It It Your Home?

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Leadsafe Program

Lead Hazard Evaluation and Abatement Code N.J.A.C. 5:17

Community Right-to-Know Program

 Dispose of Hazardous Waste Properly
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