Are there things I shouldn't call for?
Yes! Power outages, traffic conditions, weather reports, school closings, along with calls to request information about special events and municipal services schedules are some examples of calls that shouldn't be made to 9-1-1 and non-emergency emergency service telephone lines. Extreme weather conditions, holidays, and major events increase demands on all emergency service agencies. In times like these, you can do your part in safeguarding your communications lifeline by keeping telephone lines and emergency service's personnel clear and available to handle true emergencies from your community and the area.

HOW Radio stations that specialize in 24-hour news and information are your best source for up-to-date traffic, weather, and advisories during major events. Inexpensive weather monitors are also recommended, especially those that activate when the National Weather Service sends out special weather statements.

Local events, such as parades, fairs, shows, etc. are announced via press releases to newspapers, radio, and television stations well in advance of the event. Frequently, numbers are provided for additional information.

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