How long does it take to adopt an animal?
This varies and depends on if the animals came in as a stray or surrender and if it came in already spayed / neutered.

Strays have to be held 7 days by law, giving the owner time to find and reclaim their pet. During those 7 days we take applications on the animals and begin processing them by calling landlords and doing veterinarian checks. That way, after the required holding time is up the animal can go into our next available clinic to be spayed / neutered and adopted the following day. This could take 10 days or sometimes more depending on when the next clinic is scheduled.

If the animal is surrendered and is already spayed / neutered, it could be ready as soon as the following day. This is the case as long as our Adoption Advocates are able to make all the appropriate calls and the animal has been checked out by the Veterinarian Technician and given vaccinations.

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