Who can and can’t visit the sick room?

Only staff may visit the sick room. Predominantly, admittance is restricted to the Veterinarian Technicians and 1 Animal Attendant scheduled to clean on any given day, or possibly 2 Animal Attendants to move newly sick animals in and newly well animals out. Also, the manager and Animal Advocates visit the sick room when they need to check on specific animals or have some other pressing business, e.g., identification, etc.

Our Animal Advocates and Management staff is trained to keep a substantial distance from the cages and to do only what is necessary, exiting as quickly as possible, always following the shoe dip and hand washing protocols, etc. Any pressure to allow volunteers and rescues access must be dismissed by staff for the sake of the isolated, ill animals and other well animals in the shelter.

We know well-meaning citizens and rescue groups are interested and want to help with rescues and identification, however, doing so in “sickrooms" is not in the best interest of the animals and can be harmful, even lethal, to other animals that are not ill and awaiting adoption.

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13. Who can and can’t visit the sick room?
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