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Oct 30

[ARCHIVED] Halloween Safety Tips

The original item was published from October 30, 2015 9:29 AM to October 30, 2015 9:31 AM

Goblins, ghosts and ghouls, Oh My, Tips on How to Stay Safe this Halloween!
We must keep in mind some basic safety tips to ensure a boo-tastic night for all! So brew up the cauldron’s, wipe the dust off the broomsticks and wake the mummy’s because it’s time for all hallows eve! 

The Burlington County Freeholders, Sheriff, and Health Department offer tips for a safe Halloween:
• Examine all candy before allowing children to eat it
• Always carry a flashlight or glow stick so kids can be seen in the dark
• Trick-or-treaters should wear brightly colored costumes made of flame resistant materials
• Remove Jack-O-Lanterns with lit candles inside them from doorsteps.
o Candles can be easily knocked over by children and pets.
• Liquid from a broken glow stick is usually non-toxic, IF ingested, call poison experts
• Always wash hands/hand sanitizer after trick-or-treating, petting animals or picking pumpkins and apples
• Try non-toxic face paint/make-up as an alternative to wearing a mask
o To ensure children can see properly
• For those with allergies, beware of peanuts or peanut oil in candies
• Treats such as chocolate can be poisonous to dogs or cats – so please be mindful
• Make sure any items that can cause choking (such as hard candy) are given to children of an appropriate age to avoid choking.

The sheriff advised that if candy appears to have been tampered with, local police should be contacted. Parents can visit www.CandyUSA.com for information regarding possible tampering with candy or similar products. 

The Health Department also offers the following suggestions to encourage more nutritious holiday snacking:
• In advance, plan how Halloween candy will be stored and how quickly it will be eaten
• Make sure that children eat a satisfying meal before Halloween festivities begin, and keep nutritious snacks (such as apples or carrot sticks) available
• Choose more healthful treats, such as individually-wrapped packages of dried fruits, and lower-fat treats such as individually-wrapped packages of pretzels or crackers
• Organize activities at home or school where there is more control over the types of snacks available 

County Sheriff Jean Stanfield, who chairs the Traffic Safety Task Force, urges parents to talk to their children about preventive measures they can take to ensure a safe experience. “We urge motorists and trick-or-treaters to exercise caution,’’ she said.

Some recommendations for trick-or-treaters are:
• Trick-or-treat in groups and obey curfew laws
• Only go to homes/neighborhoods with which you are familiar
• Never go INTO a home
• Don’t tell anyone your full name or address
• Carry a flashlight and, if available a watch and cell phone
• Plan in advance your route, and communicate any changes to your parents 

Trick-or-treaters should avoid all open flames, whether it is part of the costume or not. Candles, lighters, bonfires and fireplaces could ignite a costume and cause serious injury. “Costumes are an important part of Halloween but alterations and safeguards may be recommended,’’ Stanfield said.