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Aug 17

Vote by Mail Law Just Changed

Posted on August 17, 2015 at 9:27 AM by Charlene Webster

From Burlington County Clerk Tim Tyler:


Did you know that the Vote by Mail law just changed?

You can only be a messenger/bearer for 3 qualified voters.

It used to be unlimited for bearers and 10 maximum as messengers.

Authorized Messenger
An “authorized messenger” is a Burlington County registered voter or family member designated by the voter who votes by mail, to pick up a ballot from the County Clerk’s office and deliver it to the voter.

The voter must complete Section 12 of the application for a mail-in ballot and the authorized messenger will be required to show a photo ID and sign a certification that he or she will deliver the ballot directly to the voter, and no one else, in the presence of the County Clerk or the Clerk's designee.

No authorized messenger may apply for, or obtain, vote-by-mail ballots for more than 3 voters for an election. No candidate may serve as an authorized messenger in the election for which the voter is requesting a vote-by-mail ballot.

A “bearer” is the person who assists in the mailing or the personal delivery of a voter’s mail-in ballot to the board of election. The bearer must complete the “bearer portion” on the envelope addressed to the Board of Elections before the ballot is taken from the voter. 

No person who is a candidate in the election for which the voter is voting is permitted to serve as a bearer. No person is permitted to serve as a bearer for more than three qualified voters in an election. 

If the bearer will be hand delivering the ballot to the Board of Elections, the bearer will need to provide ID.


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