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May 04

The Division of Mosquito Control is Ready to Help

Posted on May 4, 2015 at 11:10 AM by Andrew Hull

As the weather begins to warm up, mosquitoes will soon be unwelcome guests at our barbeques and other outdoor activities.  

Last year, the Burlington County Division of Mosquito Control responded to 307 complaints, and treated a great deal of the county for mosquitoes to the tune of: 

  • 6,522 acres by plane
  • 1,400 acres by helicopter
  • 1,110 acres by hand
  • 11 deployments of spray trucks

If you’re having issues managing the mosquitoes in low lying areas or stagnant water yourself, you can fill out this form to have the Division of Mosquito Control investigate the issue within 48 hours of receipt and address the problem accordingly.  

Eliminating mosquitoes may involve the use of pesticides, introduction of fish or insects that eat mosquitos, reduction of their breeding habitat, and more.

If you have a mosquito complaint involving a stagnant pool, use this form to contact the Health Department.

For more information, visit Mosquito Control’s page on the county website, or call (609) 265-5064.


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