Warden's House Gallery

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Completed in 1888, this house served as the warden’s living quarters after the prison became too full.  It is now an art gallery that houses everything from fine and historic art to emerging and well-known artists alike.


  • Adopt-A-Campbell Program
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Hugh H. Campbell Collection
  • Emerging Artist Exhibits


Sharon Errickson - through March 24
“This exhibition will showcase landscapes done “en Plein air”, a French term meaning painted in the open air. Paintings of various locales both here and abroad will be on view. Scenes of Adirondack mountains, Santa Fe sunsets, Italian hills will be side by side with local gardens, vintage buildings and beaches. All are done in contemporary Impressionist style, emphasizing rich color. The aim is to inspire the tourist in all of us.”

Sharon Errickson

Emerging Artist
Dual Exhibit - Josh Toritto and Don Stephens - March 28 - May 5
Joshua is an artist who has received his education through the Perkins Center of the Arts.  Don Stephens is what you might call a Figurative Expressive Artist.  Earning his education through Tyler School of Arts, he is also a communicator in the US Marine Corps Reserve.  More details to come.

Lawrence Davis - May 9 - June 16
Lawrence's work reflects the timelessness of Americana in the form of landscapes and barnscapes.  His work reflects that of Brandywine Valley School of Painting made popular by the Wyeth Family and Howard Pyle.  More details to come.

Seasonal Exhibit: Hugh Campbell

(1905 - 1997)
Exhibit is ongoing and can be viewed upstairs of the Warden's House Gallery.

  • Self-taught impressionistic landscape artist
  • His paintings and drawings chronicle the history of Mount Holly during the mid-20th century.
  • Prolific painter. Burlington County owns over 400 of his paintings. Many others are privately owned.
  • Author of the book entitled, “Knock Vigorously To Be Heard”
  • Lived most of his life in a shack on Kate’s Tract in Mount Holly
  • There are many long-time Mount Holly residents who remember Hugh Campbell walking through the streets of town with his art supplies in-tow, so he would always be ready when he felt inspired to paint.
  • Meditation and yoga played an integral role in Hugh Campbell’s daily lifestyle.

Preview the Hugh Campbell Exhibit

HC exhibit vid

History of the Warden's House

  • Originally the warden’s living quarters were within the prison walls, but by the late 1800s the prison population had grown to a point where it was necessary to provide separate housing for the warden and his family.
  • The warden’s house was completed in 1888.
  • The warden had immediate access to the prison via a walkway (or bridge) between the two buildings on the second floor. The walkway can be seen during a Prison Museum tour.
  • Restoration of the Warden’s House was completed in 2011 and is now the permanent home of the Hugh Campbell Collection.