Finance & Administration

Finance and Administration is comprised of the following key functional areas: Financial Operations, which includes Banking Operations, Accounts Payable and Departmental Operating Budgets; Capital & Debt Management; Grants Management; Purchasing & Contract Management; Risk Management; Human Resources; and Payroll & Employee Benefits.

Budget Information:

On March 23rd, the Commissioner Board introduced the County’s 2022 budget. The public hearing and adoption are scheduled for April 13th.

The Commissioner Board is committed to transparency and an open process of Government, and they encourage you to reach out with questions and concerns.

Burlington County Chief Financial Officer, Carolyn Havlick, will be available, via telephone meeting, to answer questions from the public about the County Budget.

To request and schedule a phone meeting please email:

Please include the following in the email:

  • Name
  • Town
  • Phone Number
  • Availability (Date & Time) – Please provide a couple to dates and times
  • List of questions is not necessary but is appreciated

A confirmation email will be sent establishing the date and time frame of the telephone meeting.

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