What you need to know to rent the grounds

What you need to know to rent the Event Tent and Rose Garden Smithville Mansion and the Prison Museum Exercise Yard:

  • Before reserving a date, we strongly encourage that you make an appointment to see the sight. Contact the Parks Office at 609-265-3701 and ask for Heather Scotto.
  • Both sites are outdoor venues. The Event Tent at Smithville includes the Rose Garden and is within the courtyards of Smithville Mansion. The Prison Museum Exercise Yard is within the walls of the Prison Museum. The Smithville Mansion and Prison Museum are not available for rent.
  • Events held at these venues must be catered and the caterer must be chosen from the List of Approved Caterers (PDF).
  • A 40’ x 80’ tent is included at Smithville. There is lighting and electric.
  • Tents may be rented from private vendors or through the chosen caterer for events in the Prison Museum Exercise Yard.
  • Depending on set up, a 40 X 80 tent can accommodate up to 160 people.
  • Landscaping varies depending on the time of year.
  • Both sites have accessible bathrooms.
  • Both sites have sufficient parking for your guests.
  • Availability is subject to change and no dates will be guaranteed without the Catered Event Facility Reservation Form and the required deposit for county residents or non-county residents.
  • Dates will be held for 45 days to allow you time to select a caterer from the preapproved list, attached. After 45 days, the hold is released and the date becomes available.
  • The reservation deposit will be returned if a written request is received within 30 days of receipt.
  • Please be aware that the full rental fee is charged to the caterer and this fee will be passed on to you in some fashion.
  • Once you have signed an agreement with a caterer, that caterer becomes our point of contact for the event. All of the planning for your event will be handled through your chosen caterer and not through the County.
  • Arrangements can be made for a bridal party to use a portion of the facility for a staging area. It is not available to your guests. It is not available during the reception. This will be arranged through your chosen caterer.
  • For a fee, you can request guided tours of the Mansion or the Prison Museum. This will be arranged through your chosen caterer.