Agricultural Services

  1. 4-H Clubs & Projects

    Review information about 4-H Clubs and Projects.

  2. 4-H Membership

    See information about 4-H Membership.

  3. 4-H Volunteer

    Explore how to volunteer for 4-H.

  4. Community Garden Program

    Information about rental of garden plots at the Community Agricultural Center and Pennington Park

  5. Extension Priority Programs

    To enhance the vitality, health, sustainability and overall quality of life in Burlington County by developing and delivering practical, effective solutions to current and future challenges relating to agriculture; food; natural resources; environments; public health; and economic, community, and youth development.

  1. Extension Services

    Pursue information about our extension services.

  2. Farmers Market

    Information on the seasonal market held at the Community Agricultural Center

  3. Farmland Preservation Program

    Information on the County’s easement purchase program and preserved farmland.

  4. Master Gardener Program

    Have your home horticultural questions answered by one of our trained “Master Gardeners.