Programs & Events

The Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders recognizes that affordable family-friendly events bring people together to explore common interests and share different traditions and views…and within the parks, it all happens in a beautiful natural and historic environment!

It's BACK!  Country Line dance lessons return to the County Fairgrounds for September.  Whether you've never tried or you want to show off your moves, all are welcome!  The dancing takes place in the beautiful pavilion at the Fairgrounds. Registration is required due to social distancing. Masks are recommended. Space is limited and registration will open the Monday before each session. Sessions are September 25, October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 and November 6!. We hope to see you! Country Line Dancing

Scarecrow Contest At Smithville Park


Drive-In Movies

Drive In Movies 2020


The Parks System is currently home to six historic sites where you can learn about the people and events that helped to shape Burlington County. Each offers a wide variety of tours, exhibits, programming and events that make history come alive for its visitors. We offer lectures and programs within our facilities or at your facility! Within Smithville Park, you can take a tour of the Smithville Mansion, the Village, and the Underground Railroad Museum. While in Mount Holly, you can visit the Historic Prison Museum or Lyceum of History and Natural Sciences.

Trivia Tuesdays!

trivia tuesdays
sept 4 research
research q a sept 21
burlco 101 sept 23
history of arts sept 24
landmarks in education sept 30

Join Eric for a walk through the Lower Village at Historic Smithville Park and learn about the history and some of the things that still remain today! 

Ever wanted to see inside the Historic Prison Museum in Mount Holly?  Join Marisa on a guided tour! 


The Burlington County Parks System offers many educational nature programs. Taking place both indoors and outdoors, a vast array of topics are covered for all age groups throughout the year. Whether you’re enjoying a guided walk in the park, a lecture series, butterfly walk, or canoeing, there’s always something to learn about nature! Our staff also offers nature programs for private groups including schools, scouts, and other organizations. Please contact us for more information. Events and programs are also held at the Rancocas Nature Center.

In the summer months the Burlington County Parks System provides free programs for youth: The Young Naturalist Program and the Junior Ranger Program.  These programs are now closed for the season.

The Wonders of Wetlands

Why are wetlands so important? What makes an area a wetland? Are all wetlands the same? Learn the answers to these questions and more through a video featuring Naturalist Kate talking about the wetland habitats within the Burlington County Parks System.

Wonders of wetlands

Wonders of Wetlands

Species Spotlight Series

In this video series, you will learn about various species that call Burlington County Parks home!  Naturalist Kate will highlight a local species every two weeks to help better understand their behaviors, natural history, and significance in the surrounding environment.   

Sept 23: Red-winged Blackbirds

Sept 9: Painted Turtles

Birds of Prey

Discover the hawks, eagles, falcons, vultures, and owls that reside in Burlington County in this online photographic presentation. Learn about raptor adaptations, behaviors, migration patterns and conservation efforts to bring endangered species back from the brink of extinction. Presented by Burlington County Park Naturalist Jen Bulava.

birds of prey title screen

Crafting with Nature

Crafting with natural objects is a great way to learn about wildlife and appreciate its beauty. Naturalist Kate Forte's craft tutorial uses resources right from nature! Soak in the last bit of summer sun while creating a unique craft that can be done with objects found right in your backyard. Check out the craft tutorial here!crafting with nature

Dragonflies & Damselflies of Burlington County

Discover the incredible hunters of the insect world: the dragonflies and damselflies. This online PowerPoint presentation will focus on recognizing adaptations, behaviors, life cycles, and ecological significance of these beneficial insects. The slide show includes photographic examples of amazing species found in our Burlington County Parks, and will be available online beginning Saturday, June 20.  The presentation will be posted for the remainder of the summer.

dragonfly title slide Opens in new window

Nocturnal Nature

Learn about crepuscular and nocturnal animals with naturalist Kate Forte! What does crepuscular mean? What are some advantages of being crepuscular or nocturnal? Kate will go over the answers to these questions through a video, while focusing on three different animals: skunks, opossums, and bats.
nocturnal nature title slide


Do you know the difference between Bird Watching and Birding? Park Naturalist, Kate Forte explains the difference, shows you the ins and outs, and shares tips and tricks to have you ready to hit the trails. What birds will you find? Be sure to visit our website to check out a full list of birds that have been sighted in our parks! 


The Secret World of Plants and Pollinators:

This presentation focuses on the incredible ways in which plants communicate with animals. Flowers are not pretty colors and pleasant smells for us - it’s all about the pollinators. Discover amazing strategies of plants, and the colors that pollinators see. Taking a much closer look at flowers can open up an entire hidden world that is more complex and fascinating than one ever imagined.

Secret World of Plants and Pollinators title slide

The Roles of Beneficial Insects
With summer in full swing, more insects will start emerging and people may be likely to kill or spray insects if they do not know what they are.  This presentation is a visual aid to help identify many of our common beneficial insects and understand the crucial roles they play in the environment.
beneficial insects title slide


The Wildlife Sightings Log is where we post significant sightings of birds and other animal species that are not seen on a regular basis.  If you see something that is not a regular resident species in one of the Burlington County Parks, please submit it using the form on the wildlife log page. To see which species have been reported in the parks, you can go to the individual park webpage to see a cumulative summary of species.  (For instance for Smithville Park, go to Smithville Park’s webpage and click on the cumulative species list under Quick Links in the right column). To see which birds are present at different times of the year, and their resident vs migratory status, check out the Burlington County Parks cumulative bird checklist


Spending time gardening?  Garden Guru, public radio host, former Organic Gardening Editor-in-Chief and annual guest speaker at the Burlington County Earth Fair, Mike McGrath has shared ways to tackle all of your toughest garden, lawn and pest problems!

Backyard Birding - an interactive visual and audio guide to birds you're likely to see right in your backyard!  Listen to their calls and see which ones you recognize!  

Do-it-yourself Bird Feeder Ideas:
Pine Cone Feeder
Plastic Bottle Feeder

Burlington County Parks Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

Coloring Pages from Park Rangers


Burlington County is home to many exhibits that feature Fine Arts and Photography from all of over the region. There are galleries and exhibits throughout the year and festivals that celebrate the Arts.

44th Annual Juried Art Show

44th annual art show

Rancocas Nature Center Bird Exhibit

Rancocas Nature Center Art Exhibit Virtual Gallery

2020 Teen Arts Exhibit

Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 11.19.11 AM

Each year, schools throughout the region come together for the Burlington County Teen Arts Festival. The festival celebrates the arts and showcases the talents of students in literary, performing and visual arts. Each year, professional adjudicators select works of art from over thirty schools and thousands of students. These Painting, drawing, mixed media, three dimensional, photography and digital art were displayed in an art exhibit at the Smithville Mansion Annex Gallery. Although our museums and galleries have been closed due to COVID-19, we are bringing their artwork to you with this virtual peek at all of the selected work. This incredible exhibit was set to be on display from March 26 through May 10. Each County has pieces selected that move onto the State Teen Arts Festival. Congratulations to all that were selected!  

Robert Cuff Exhibit

robert cuff



Farmers Market opening day

Quarterly Program Guide

Quarterly Program Guide includes all programs and events offered by the Burlington County Division of Parks.  Pick up a copy in your local library or parks' facility and at local events.  Call if you would like us to drop one in the mail to you!  609-265-5858. You may also view the online version.  
We hope to have a full, interactive, online version of Summer Programs soon! 


Burlington County hosts several annual events throughout our parks. Large festivals are held each year in Historic Smithville Park, to include Earth Fair, Arts in the Park, and Fall Float Festivals. Events such as the Garden Expo and Farmers Markets are held throughout the season at theBurlington County Agricultural Center. Each year, Burlington County also hosts the Farm Fair, tractor pulls and equestrian events at the County Fairgrounds. We are also excited to offer free, outdoor concerts at the Burlington County Amphitheater!  Earth Fair returns for its 25th anniversary!  

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