Parks Interactive Map

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Map Tips

This map displays county parks, trails and historic sites located in Burlington County, New Jersey.

  1. Click the last tab in the panel left of the map to see the map legend.
  2. Click the first tab in the panel left of the map to see the details about the map including these instructions (More Details or Details).
  3. Use the slider bar or +/- tools in the top left corner of the map to zoom in/out.
  4. Alternatively, you can zoom in on a specific area by pressing the shift key while clicking and dragging a box with the mouse around the desired area.
  5. Click and drag the map to move around at the current zoom level.
  6. Change the background by clicking the Basemap button to the top left above the map.
  7. Find out more information about a map feature by clicking it with the mouse.
  8. Click the Bookmarks button (near top right, above map) to see a specific park, regional trail, the Market Barn or pavilion locations.
  9. Search for an address or place by typing it into the Find box at the top right above the map.
  10. In general, more detailed information will draw as you zoom in on the map.
  11. To display more detailed information, such as county park trails and park facilities, zoom in on the park symbol or choose a Bookmark.
  12. Information about pavilion rental can be accessed from the individual pavilion popup display and many features have a link to the relevant park's webpage.
  13. Non-county trails are also shown. To see trails in the southern (Pinelands area) of the county, including bike trails, move south on the map.