Weights & Measures

Thousands of state and local weights and measures official throughout the country are working behind the scenes to protect you!

Consumers and business both benefit and can help their local weights and measures officials enforce the law and help to keep a fair marketplace.
Look for Seals
Weights and measures official test weighing and measuring device such as gasoline pumps and scales. A seal is usually put on to show that the equipment was tested and found correct.

The seal may vary form state to state, but always look for a seal. If you do not see one, ask the store manager. Contact your weights and measures office if seals are missing.
Weights and Measures Seal

Do Your Part

If you have a problem with a weights or measures issue:
  • Talk with the store manager or owner
  • Give the manager or owner a chance to correct the problem
If the manager can't or won't resolve the problem or answer questions to your satisfaction, contact the county Weights & Measures Division