Legal / Adjuster

Welcome to the web page of the Burlington County Solicitor's Office!

The office of the County Solicitor is the chief legal counsel to the Board of County Commissioners as well as to all county departments. The County Solicitor also provides legal advice and assistance to other elected officials such as the Sheriff, County Clerk, and the Surrogate upon their request. This office also services as a liaison to county boards, commissions and agencies.


The office handles and oversees all federal, state, and local litigation matters on behalf of the county. Additionally, the office coordinates and interfaces with special counsel for the county -- including bond counsel, labor counsel, and litigation counsel.

The office also prepares and / or reviews all contracts and resolutions prior to their adoption by the Board of County Commissioners. Further, the office provides both advice and representation in a wide variety of other contractual, regulatory, financial and transactional matters.

Additionally, the County Solicitor serves as County Adjuster, charged with the responsibility of the scheduling of court hearings for anyone with mental illness who is admitted from a Burlington County facility to a county, state or private psychiatric hospital. These hearings must be held within 20 days of confinement for an adult and 14 days of confinement for a minor. Review hearings regarding the client's commitment status are held on a regular basis until the client is discharged. Further, the County Adjuster investigates the residency and ability to pay of those admitted to these hospitals and reports these findings to the Superior Court.