Runoff & Nonpoint


Nonpoint source pollution is simply pollution from runoff when it rains, snows, or hails.

Polluted runoff includes many things that may get into our waterways or groundwater. Nonpoint source pollution results from everyday activities such as lawn maintenance, pets, car care, and littering. When it rains these pollutants are washed into our storm drains that flow directly to our waterways.


Most people contribute to nonpoint source pollution unknowingly. When a home owner waters his freshly fertilized lawn or it rains on his lawn those chemicals can be washed down and into our waterways. Another example is when a person washes his/her car and the detergents used in cleaning the car run down the driveway and into the storm drains that end up dumping into our waterways.

On the other hand some people contribute intentionally (some not understanding that the storm drains directly enter our waterways) by dumping paint, used oil, anti-freeze, and other things right into the storm drains. These items should be disposed of properly and not be dumped into the storm drains.


But here's the good news - we can stop nonpoint source pollution and help to keep our environment clean and healthy. All it takes are a few simple changes in your daily lifestyle. With these changes comes a tremendous difference in the water quality of Burlington County's waterways.

What You Can Do

There are a number of things that people can change or limit in their everyday lives to help reduce nonpoint source pollution.