Single Stream Recycling

Single Stream Recycling Starts Curbside Sept. 1, 2014 

Help us help you prepare!

A Message From Freeholder Director Bruce Garganio:

Thank you for visiting our single stream recycling webpage.

The County's conversion to single stream recycling is moving forward, and with the official start-up of the program just four months away, residents still have time to order an extra container in which to store their recyclables.

Starting September 1st, residents will be able to toss all their cans, bottles, newspapers and cardboard, into one container.

When we go to single stream, recycling will still be collected every other week.

Some families may not be able to fit all their recycling into their existing blue cart. If you fill your blue cart every collection now, you may need an extra cart for single stream.  If you do need an extra recycling CART, and have not yet requested one, you have until June 30th to place your order.

There are 2 ways to order:
Request a cart order form by emailing

Call 609-499-1001 and someone will take your cart order information. If you call after 5 pm, please leave your name and slowly state your phone number so our staff can return your call.

If you do not have a cart now, please review the following:

Bass River, North Hanover and Woodland - do not have curbside recycling and will continue to take their recyclables to their town drop-off.

Bordentown City, Fieldsboro and Shamong, and the historic village of Roebling - will continue to use their existing recycling buckets for single-stream collection.

Under the new program, portions of Burlington City and the remaining uncarted single family homes in Willingboro and the Homestead Community in Mansfield - will be provided CARTs.

Finally, Washington Township is expecting eventually to be "CARTed" under single stream.

Multifamily Complexes will be added to the program later in the fall. Please stay tuned for more info if you reside in an apartment or condominium complex.

Final Note
The Carts are costly and are municipal property, if you move, remember to leave your carts behind.

Cart Information

If you think your family will need a 2nd or larger cart, please review the following before ordering your cart.

Need Help Deciding?

Call us weekdays between 9am & 5pm or email questions anytime and we will respond as soon as possible. If you call outside of business hours, please leave your phone number and a brief message and we will return your call within two business days 609-499-1001 or

As in the past, we do ask you to flatten boxes, so you can fit as much in your cart as possible. You can flatten bottles and cans if you wish.

This helps us reduce the amount of carts that we need to purchase.

Will this cost me anything?
There will be no cost to the residents.

Will my recycling still be picked up every other week when we go to single stream? 

Yes, the frequency of service will not change.

What if I do not currently have a cart?
That means your neighborhood is not currently in the cart program. The plans for areas without carts are noted above.

If I have a cart now, will I still need my bottles and cans "bucket" once single stream starts?
No; you should put all your recyclables into your cart.

Will the County collect and recycle my old bucket?
You may want to keep your bucket for the first few collections, in case you do have an overflow of materials. We are still working on a plan to collect and recycle buckets from homes that no longer need them. Visit this webpage for future updates.

What about Plastic Bags?
Keep plastic bags out of recycling buckets and carts. Plastic bags cause big trouble for single stream recycling systems. Recycle plastic bags at supermarkets or "big box" stores instead.

What is the benefit of single stream?
Again, not having to separate recyclables adds convenience. Studies show single stream brings with it an increase of 10 percent or more in recycling. The more we recycle, the less we need to landfill. Last year, recycling saved the towns more than $3.2 million in landfill tipping fees. Those cost-savings are effectively tax savings, since they improve the bottom line of municipal budgets.

Anything else I should know?
Burlington County is proud of its recycling program. The cost of the program is included in tipping fees – with no additional costs to the towns. In addition, the program is operated through the Occupational Training Center of Burlington County and provides jobs to individuals with disabilities. No other county in New Jersey can make that claim.

Where else can I go for information?
Call (609) 499-1001 or email

Final note, the carts are costly and will be municipal property, so if you move, remember to leave your carts behind.