Food Safety Information

There are a lot of ways food can become contaminated with bacteria causing people to get sick. Whether you are having a backyard barbecue, serving your family a normal meal, preparing food for a large or small group of people, there are procedures you should put in place to ensure that the food you serve will not contain foodborne bacteria.

Food can become contaminated by improper cooking / cooling / reheating temperatures; cross-contamination from utensils or cooking surfaces; handling of food with your hands or other items that aren't clean; preparing food when you are sick; kitchen area not being clean and free of insects, rodents, and dust; cooking in contaminated water; and not thoroughly washing fruits and vegetables before use.

FoodKeeper App for Smart Food Storage

FoodKeeper App

The USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) has a new app that helps you avoid finding spoiled food in your fridge with their new FoodKeeper App.

This apps helps you avoid throwing out good food, eating bad food, and gives you tips on how to properly store your food to maximize the its storage life.

Summer Cooking

Bacteria growth on foods can also increase based on outside temperatures like during the summer, when it’s hot. So it’s more important than ever to be sure foods are handled properly during the summer season. The Burlington County Health Department has a wealth of knowledge to assist and inform you of the proper procedures to protect your loved ones and friends from foodborne illness when preparing food for them. All this information is free to the public.

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