Welcome to the County of Burlington Road and Bridges Department’s website devoted to stormwater and nonpoint source pollution. In the past communities and the government would look at large storms as the source of runoff pollution. Now the County of Burlington along with the rest of the country knows the importance of stormwater and nonpoint source pollution and that even a very small amount of rain contributes to runoff pollution.

Burlington County Outfalls (PDF)

Mt. Holly Public Complex Outfalls (PDF)

Burlington County Interactive Stormwater Map

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (PDF)

Mt Holly Public Complex SPPP (PDF)

Burlington County Street Sweeping Map (PDF)

Illicit Connection (PDF)

Regulatory Mechanisms (PDF)

Stormwater Facilities List (PDF)

Stormwater Facilities (PDF)

Letter from the Roads & Bridges Supervisor

The Stormwater Section of the Roads and Bridges Department maintains, inspects, and cleans the storm systems on county roads and within the right-of-way. There are over 7,000 inlets within the county. We also clean and maintain roadside ditches on county roads.

- John A. Janis, Jr., County Supervisor of Roads and Bridges