Workshops & Training


Our workshops and events provide you with many opportunities to learn and keep your skills up to date. The Burlington County American Job Center, which have served residents virtually throughout the pandemic, have added appointment-based in person services. Complete the Career Services Request Form to learn more about available resources and trainings and to request an appointment to get you started on your career opportunity.

Burlington County Job Center Orientation

Learn about the programs and services available to provide you with the assistance you need in securing a new or better job.

Career Service Assistance

Looking for a new job? Interested in free online courses to upgrade your skills? Gain access to jobs fairs, career tools, support services, information on in-demand occupations, and personalized one-on-one support; the Department of Labor and Workforce Development Board's Career Service site can help you. 


This workshop will give you the basics about marketing yourself and how to network. While learning the basics you will also grow your network by meeting other people and building relationships that could lead to employment.

Résumé Assistance

Through interactive exercise you will learn the critical components of resume writing and the value they add to a successful job search. For individuals who do not have a résumé and need staff assistance, a step-by-step guided workshop is also offered.

Interview Techniques

This workshop prepares you for all phases of interviewing. Mock Interview workshops are also available to practice the skills you learned in the basic interviewing workshop.

Skills Based Volunteering

Learn how to keep your skills sharp while connecting with your community all while bridging the gap between jobs.


We can help you get the skills you need to get a good job. If you are interested in career training, you may be eligible for funding to attend training. Training Services are limited to those customers who do not possess the skills necessary to obtain employment and who are unable to obtain other financial assistance for training. Additional eligibility requirements must be met to receive training grants.

Note: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding is not an entitlement program and selection for participation in the program is a local decision that is based on program eligibility, assessment of your needs, interests, abilities, motivation, and your prospects for successfully completing the program. Please see the WIOA FAQ for additional information or speak to a staff member of the American Job Center to determine your eligibility.

On-the-Job Training

You may qualify to participate in training for skills that are essential for performance of a job in a particular industry. The employer can be reimbursed up to 90% of your wages while you train with them and you will be promised employment with them upon successful completion of your training period.

Occupational Training

If you lack marketable skills, you may qualify for funding assistance to participate in vocational and remedial training to upgrade your skills. You research and choose the career path that will lead to the best chance to become employed in a demand occupation, and we will assist you in obtaining the skills necessary to be successfully employed.

Post-Secondary Education

You may choose to complete a program at a local 2 year or 4 year institution. If you qualify to participate and it is deemed necessary to help you maximize your employment potential, assistance with tuition and other costs may be available to you.

Helpful Web Links

Federal Bonding Program

If Bonding is a requirement for employment the Federal Bonding Program is a support service that assists you in securing bonding if you are unable to do so through commercial sources. The bond is given to the employer free of charge and serves as an incentive to the hiring workplace should you possess a risk factor in your personal background (ex-offender). For additional information, please contact the Burlington County American Job Center to speak with a Career counselor.

Adult Basic Education

If you need instruction to increase your basic academic skills; life skills, meeting personal goals (such as being able to read the destination banner on a bus), job readiness skills, job seeking skills, communication skills, computer literacy, parenting skills, and job retention skills. Services are offered at both the Burlington County American Job Center and at other sites throughout Burlington County.

Adult Secondary Education

If you are literate and can function in everyday life but you do not have a certificate of graduation (or its equivalent) from high school, we can assist you in getting your High School Equivalency (HSE). HSE preparation classes are offered at the Burlington County American Job Center and at other sites throughout Burlington County.

Basic Skills and English Literacy

Instruction is designed for adults with limited English skills and for those customers who need to increase their basic reading, math and writing skills. Courses are offered at various sites throughout Burlington County at different times so customers can improve their skills without interruption in their work schedules.