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Flu Clinic Registration / Information

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Burlington County Health Department Flu Clinic Appointments

Date Location Time
November 19, 2015
Burlington County Library
November 20, 2015
Human Services,
795 Woodlane Rd, Westampton
December 3, 2015
Burlington County Health Dept
December 10, 2015
Burlington County Library
December 11, 2015
Burlington County Health Department
December 17, 2015
Cinnaminson Library
169 Riverton Rd, Cinnaminson
December 28, 2015
Burlington Center Mall,
Rt 541, Burlington
Welcome to the website of the Burlington County Health Department (BCHD). Public health can best be described as any and all preventive and educational services that help people to protect and enhance their well-being. Our county Health Department contracts with all 40 local Boards of Health in Burlington County to provide Burlington County residents with a variety of health related programs and services to safeguard our residents well-being.
The BCHD is responsible for administering most of these programs and services; Virtua Community Nursing Services, via contract with BCHD, provides professional nursing support for many of our clinics and health related programs. Local code enforcement, such as Property Management, Animal Warden Services and Rabies Vaccination Clinics are administered by your local government.

Importance of Role & Responsibilities
At no other time in history has the role and responsibilities of a public health department been more crucial. We are involved in preparedness activities to ensure readiness in the event of bioterrorism or a natural disaster, daily surveillance of infectious diseases and vigilance in monitoring threats to our environment. We strive to be ready to face the challenges presented to us and are taking the necessary steps to confront them. We are also counting on you, the residents of Burlington County, to partner with us. By taking actions such as reporting potentially dangerous situations, preparing for hazards and natural disasters, and cooperating with personnel during emergencies, you too can assist in safeguarding the public’s health.

Enjoy your navigation of this site. You'll find lots of interesting information, including information about our clinics, services and useful health information. Our mission is to maintain a high standard of public health by protecting, promoting, and restoring the health of county residents and communities to assure the highest quality of life. Please visit our site as often as you like and thank you for your interest in the BCHD.

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