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The Burlington County Health Department is hosting a Preparedness Month Photo Challenge! Each week, residents will be asked to submit a photo to our facebook page with the hashtag #BurlCoPrepares fitting that week’s theme. For information on how to become emergency prepared, visit There you will find all the information you need to make a plan, gather emergency supplies, be pet ready, and tips for how to make sure your plan works. Disasters don't plan ahead; you can. 

Each go bag includes a red backpack, hand-crank LED flashlight with AM radio and siren, poncho with hood, whistle with lanyard, personal hygiene kit, disposable thermometers, disposable white gown, bio-hazard bags, nitrile exam gloves, tweezers and EMT scissors, triangle bandage, tongue depressors, splints, ABD pads, 12" splint, 2" elastic bandage, 1" tape, emergency rescue blanket, Q-Tips, small and large band aids, 4x4 sterile gauze pads, sterile eye pads, butterfly closures, cold and warm packs, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, saline solution, first aid guide, pulse oximeter.

Emergency preparedness Photo Challenge flyer