Agriculture Resource Management

Serving the Burlington County:

  • Agribusiness
  • Homeowners
  • The agricultural community

Visit our website, or call the Agriculture Department at 609-265-5050 for more information.


Agriculture and resource management provides programs to improve the efficiency and management of commercial field crop, dairy, fruit, livestock, vegetable, nursery, and landscape operators.

The most current research, cultural techniques and marketing skills are presented in educational meetings, field demonstrations, and newsletters.

Both homeowners and the agricultural community can obtain a wide variety of information and educational literature to help them solve their day-to-day agricultural and horticultural problems.


Agricultural Agents work with commodity groups, government agencies, and agribusiness to conserve and manage natural resources, to promote agriculture, and to maintain a healthy environment for county residents.

  • Farmer Truck Certificates
  • Pesticide Manuals
  • Soil Test Kits
  • ST-7 Tax Certificates