Multifamily Recycling

The Burlington County Regional Recycling Program (Program) first provided recycling services to multifamily complexes in 1989. Today, the Program provides collection to approximately 200 multifamily complexes in Burlington County, servicing over 90% of the multifamily population within the county. Multifamily complexes that wish to be included in the Program must adhere to the Recycling Guidelines for Multifamily Complexes that were established by the County Recycling Office. 

Recycling Guidelines for Multifamily Complexes

It should be noted that any complex that does not wish to comply with the County guidelines must contract privately for recycling services, by law. For more information on County recycling services and general recycling inquiries, residents of multifamily complexes and property managers can contact the Burlington County Recycling Office at 609-499-1001 or e-mail 

For collection issues and concerns at multifamily complexes, property managers and maintenance supervisors may contact the Recycling Hotline at 609-267-6889 or e-mail