Solid Waste Advisory Council

The New Jersey Solid Waste Management Act (N.J.S.A. 13:1E-1 et seq.) requires that a solid waste advisory council be appointed in each county to assist in the development and formulation of the district solid waste management plan and establishes minimum criteria for the composition of the council.  

In accordance with the District Solid Waste Management Plan, the SWAC shall include, at a minimum, a mayor of one of the municipalities in the County that hosts a major solid waste disposal facility or their designee, a representative of the solid waste collection and disposal industry, a sludge generator, a municipal recycling coordinator, a member of the agricultural community, an environmentalist, a private citizen and County and State government officials.  

SWAC meets on an as-needed basis to review, consider and advise the Board on proposed amendments and updates to the Plan and may meet on a regular schedule to consider matters relevant to solid waste and recycling planning in the County.


Mayor:  Mayor or Designee, Township of Florence

              Mayor or Designee, Township of Mansfield

Environmentalist: Nick Sodano
                               William Matulewicz

Solid Waste Collector: Becky Kasper, American Disposal Systems

Solid Waste Disposal:  Plant Manager or Designee, Republic Services

Sludge Disposal:  Owen Sheehan, WeCare Denali

POTW Operator:  David Reich, Mount Holly Municipal Utilities Authority

Soil Conservation District: Robert Reitmeyer, Burlington County Soil Conservation District

Municipal Recycling Coordinator:  Christy Osborne, Burlington Township

Agriculture:  David Specca

Private Citizen: Eugene M. Fuzy

County DepartmentsJoseph T. Brickley or Designee, Public Works

                                      Herb Conaway, MD or Designee, Health Department

                                      Mary Pat Robbie, Resource Conservation

Public Notices

None at this time.

Meetings & Agendas  

Agendas and directions to meeting locations will be made available prior to meetings.

More Information

For more information contact Laurie E. van Genderen, District Solid Waste Coordinator at (609) 499-1001, ext. 4306.