Agricultural Center Classes


at the Burlington County Community Agricultural Center

500 Centerton Road, Moorestown, NJ 08057


Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

with Alene Brennan

January 21, 6pm, $30/person


Did you know that some of our cleaning products can be just as harmful as the dirt we’re trying to clean away? The cleaners that are brought into your home have chemicals that can negatively affect your health. This year, let’s skip the toxins and jump into green cleaning. It’s easier and cheaper than you may think! Join Alene Brennan, nutrition coach, to learn simple steps to start cleaning with essential oils. During this program, you’ll make a natural all-purpose cleaner and other DIY green cleaning recipes you can take home with you to get started.


Pretzel Party 

with Maranda Burns

January 22, 6pm, $35/person


Join Pastry Chef Maranda Burns in learning how to make your own homemade pretzels! Maranda will demonstrate how to make the dough and how to shape the pretzels. Then everyone can shape their own pretzels! While they’re baking, you will make a variety of dips and toppings such as mustard, bacon marmalade, cheese fondue and more! 


Taco Tuesday 

with Cara Griffin

January 28, 6pm, $40/person


Join Cara Griffin in making a variety of good-for-you tacos! Cara will demonstrate how to make your own spice mixes and sauces, along with a variety of different tacos - including a vegetarian option. Taco-bout a good time!


Bagel Bash 

with Maranda Burns

January 22, 6pm, $40/person


Join Maranda Burns, Pastry Chef and owner of Pee Wee’s Ice Cream, in making her specialty -bagels! Learn how to make a great bagel in your own kitchen along with classic toppings such as sesame seeds and poppy seeds. You’ll also learn how to make flavorful butters and cream cheeses to spread on these delicious, piping hot bagels that YOU created!

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