Agricultural Center Classes


at the Burlington County Community Agricultural Center

500 Centerton Road, Moorestown, NJ 08057


Time to Make the Donuts II 

with Cara Griffin

Thursday, March 7th, 6pm, $40


Cara Griffin will teach you how to make traditional yeast donuts in a variety of ways: classic and the more unusual. We will learn how to make fruit, cream and custard fillings from scratch as well as different glazes to top our perfect creations. Once you learn the secrets to making your own fresh donuts, you won’t settle for store bought again! 

Baker extraordinaire, Cara Griffin, owns and operates the custom-order bakery Sift Bake Shop in the SOHA Building in Haddon Twp., NJ 


Macarons with Cara Griffin

Sunday, March 10th, 10am, $50


Have you ever wondered how to make the beautiful, eye catching French Macarons seen in so many bakeries, T.V. shows, and magazines? Now you don't have to! Join us for a hands-on class on making these little beauties. We will learn the methods involved in making perfectly chewy shells and decadent fillings. Each student will leave with macarons in an array of flavors and the expertise to make your own at home! 

Baker extraordinaire, Cara Griffin, owns and operates the custom-order bakery Sift Bake Shop in the SOHA Building in Haddon Twp., NJ 


Breakfast Meal-Prep

with Gabby Terzano

Thursday, March 14th, 6pm, $40


One of the toughest challenges is getting up and having a nourishing breakfast before work during a busy week.  Most of the time, we find ourselves grabbing something on-the-go, which may not be the healthiest or most nourishing choice.  Join Gabby Terzano in learning how to meal-prep breakfast for busy mornings so you can grab-n-go something that you will kick start your metabolism and fuel your day!


  • Customized Egg Muffins 
  • Make Ahead Pancakes & Waffles
  • Overnight Oatmeal
  • Smoothie Pack Prep 

Eat the Rainbow: Nutrition & Agriculture in the Garden State with Elyse, from Farmers Against Hunger and Jeanne, Registered Dietitian from Vritua

Sunday, March 24th, 1pm, $30


Join us for a hands-on workshop, designed for ages 7-10, that features valuable cooking and nutrition lessons focused on colorful NJ-grown fruits and vegetables.  Class will consist of 3 different components: planting, nutrition and cooking.  Participants will discover why New Jersey is nicknamed “The Garden State”, build appreciation for agriculture, knowledge around food sources and plant anatomy, and how they get from farm to table.  Students will be introduced to healthy eating guidelines and basic cooking concepts, and learn how they can help care for themselves, others and their environment by making smart food choices.

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