The Burlington County Sheriff's Department is a constitutional entity established in 1682. Our current Sheriff Jean E. Stanfield is the first female Sheriff to serve the citizens of Burlington County. Sheriff Stanfield has served as Sheriff since 2002, and had previously served as Undersheriff of Burlington County since 1996.Below is the chronological listing of each Sheriff that has served the citizens of Burlington County in recent times.

You can also view a more detailed history on the New Jersey Sheriff's Association's website

Sheriff Served
Mahlon Budd 1807-1810
William Woolman 1810-1813
Samuel Haines 1813-1816
William Woolman 1816-1819
Samuel Haines 1819-1822
Joshua Earl 1822-1825
William Shinn 1825-1828
Joseph H. Clark 1828-1830
Joshual Hollingshead 1830-1833
John W. Fenmore 1833-1836
Samuel Brown 1836-1839
Isaac Hilliard 1839-1842
Joseph Kirkbride 1842-1845
Charles Collins 1845-1848
Abraham Gaskill 1848-1851
William H. Pancoast 1851-1854
Samuel A. Dobbins 1854-1857
John D. Thompson 1857-1860
Samuel T. Leeds 1860-1863
William C. Lippincott 1863-1866
John B. Hankinson 1866-1869
Charles S. Kimble
(He died in office. His son served his unexpired term)
Henry B. Kimble 4/9/1872 - 5/14/1872
David L. Hall 1872-1875
George P. Conover 1875-1878
Benjamin F. Lee 1878-1881
Nathan W.C. Hayes 1881-1883
Edward Emley 1883-1887
George Harbert 1887-1890
Charles Shinn 1890-1893
William Townsend 1893-1896
Joseph Fleetwood 1896-1899
Charles R. Fenton 1899-1902
Joseph Bower 1902-1905
John Norcross 1905-1908
William Worrell 1908-1911
John Jordan 1911-1913
William Stecher 1913-1917
A. Engle Haines 1917-1920
Edward H. Flagg 1920-1923
Joseph B. Fleetwood Jr. 1923-1926
A. Engle Haines 1926-1929
Roscoe C. Shinn 1929-1932
George N. Wimer 1932-1935
John M. Chant 1935-1938
E. George Furth 1938-1941
Raymond Johnson 1941-1944
Benjamin Paul Faunce 1944-1947
William F. Parker 1947-1959
Francis P. Brennan 1959-1986
Henry W. Metzger 1987-1992
Edward A. Cummings 1993-1995
Gary L. Daniels 1996-2001
Jean E. Stanfield 2001-Present