Sheriff Desk Headshot

Sheriff James Kostoplis was sworn in as Sheriff of Burlington County, New Jersey on Sunday January 1, 2023. Sheriff Kostoplis began his career with the Bergan County Sheriff Office. He continued his career with the Hamilton Police Division, where he retired as Detective Lieutenant. Sheriff Kostoplis served with the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office as Chief Warrant Officer. He then continued his public service as a supervisor with the U.S. Marshall’s Court Security Unit. Most recently, he served as the Undersheriff of Burlington County for three years preceding his election.

 Sheriff Kostoplis is a highly decorated member of the law enforcement community. He has vast training and experience in numerous areas, such as patrol, anti-crime, and special investigations pertaining to homicides and missing persons. Sheriff Kostoplis served as a highly skilled SWAT team operator and supervisor.

Sheriff Kostoplis also served as a committeeman in his hometown of Bordentown Township, where he has resided for the last 30 years. Sheriff Kostoplis has served as fire commissioner, an EMT, and a volunteer firefighter. Sheriff Kostoplis is a lifelong civil servant with over 35 years of law enforcement experience.